If you are a business owner, you are responsible for keeping your building safe and presentable. That being said, it is not always easy to determine the best (and most economical) way to stay on top of your cleaning duties.

A professional cleaning company can help eliminate all of the guesswork and organization required to keep your property in top shape. If you have avoided hiring a janitorial service in the past, this blog post will hopefully clear up any misconceptions and help you make the right decision for your business.

Myth #1: Commercial Cleaning Is Expensive

Many business owners opt to handle their cleaning responsibilities in-house in order to reduce expenses-however, delegating your cleaning duties internally is not always as economical as it may seem.

Many janitorial companies provide honest and affordable prices that will easily fit into your budget. In fact, most commercial cleaning providers will gladly discuss your budget and tailor their services to fit your needs.

Hiring professional cleaners also means that you do not have to delegate cleaning duties to your employees and take away from their productivity. By outsourcing your commercial cleaning, you can ensure that your employees are always generating revenue and helping grow your business.

Myth #2: Home Cleaning Products Are Good Enough

You may think that all cleaning products are created equal, but this is not the case. Homes and businesses differ greatly in the stains, dirt, and grime that they have to deal with on a regular basis. On average, businesses are going to need more powerful and efficient cleaning supplies to ensure they are kept presentable and sanitary.

Myth #3: You Only Need to Clean Your Business When It Appears Dirty

It is no secret that dirt, grime, and allergens can be hidden in plain sight. Neglecting your cleaning responsibilities until they start to pile up can add to the work that needs to be done and reflect poorly on your business overall.

Regularly scheduled cleaning helps you avoid the need for deep cleaning and ensure that your business always looks its best. Your employees and customers will notice when your building has been properly maintained, so don't put off your commercial cleaning.

Myth #4: You Will Need to Hire Multiple Janitorial Companies

Although there are many cleaning companies that only specialize in a few services, there are also many others who can handle all of your cleaning duties. If you are hoping to simplify your cleaning schedule and make sure that you don't have to hire separate companies for your carpets, windows, and bathrooms, then it helps to do your research and find a company that suits your needs.

Any reputable janitorial company will gladly provide you with information on all of their cleaning capabilities and give you an honest outlook of what they can do for you. With this in mind, there is a good chance that you will be able to find a local provider that is a perfect fit for your business.,

Myth #5: Commercial Cleaners will Interrupt Your Business

If you have put off hiring a janitorial company because you are worried that they will cause distractions in your workplace, you have nothing to be concerned about. Most commercial cleaning companies understand that their clients have businesses to run and will be more than happy to work around your operation.

Many janitorial companies can be scheduled 24/7 and will do everything they can to accommodate the flow of your business. If it makes more sense to have your business cleaned outside of your hours of operation, then you should be able to find a local cleaning company that can get the job done.

Myth #6: Your Employees Can Handle Your Cleaning

Not only is offloading your cleaning responsibilities onto your employees bad for company morale, but it will never provide you with the same quality of clean that you can get from a certified janitorial service. Hiring a professional company also means that you do not have to take your employees away from their usual tasks or hinder your productivity in any way.

Myth #7: Commercial Cleaning Companies Provide Poor Results

This is not to say that there are not underqualified cleaning companies on the market, but on average, a professional cleaning company will provide much better results than you can get alone.

Most commercial cleaning companies rely on regular clients and repeat business and will therefore do everything they can to provide their best work on every job. By taking the time to research the companies in your area, you will be able to guarantee superior cleaning on every job.

Myth #8: Hand Sanitizers Kill All Germs Right Away

Now more than ever, it is important to do your part in stopping the spread of germs in your workplace. Although hand sanitizers work great in a pinch, they will not work against all of the germs and bacteria that enter your property. On the other hand, a professional cleaning company will be able to assess the high-touch surfaces in your building and make sure they are disinfected using the correct products and techniques.

Myth #9: Green Cleaning Doesn't Matter

As more and more companies become mindful of their carbon footprint, it has become clear that green cleaning is here to stay. Finding a janitorial company that advertises eco-friendly cleaning is a great way to increase your peace of mind and ensure the safety of your employees.

These days, green cleaning products are just as effective and affordable as those with harmful chemicals, so you have no reason not to make the switch to environmentally friendly cleaning.

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