Keeping your gym or recreational facility clean has always been important but now, it more critical than ever. Protecting your clients and employees from harmful pathogens and contaminants is vital to your long-term success. To that end, we've compiled the following list of top deep cleaning tips from our professional gym and recreational facility cleaning experts. But first, let's investigate the different levels of cleanliness you can achieve.

Understand The Difference Between Clean and Sterile

In the janitorial services business, there are 4 different levels of cleaning. In a fitness setting, you will see how all levels work together to produce the best results. It is crucial to use the correct methods to achieve each, and even more important to know where and when to use them.

1. Clean

The first step in any janitorial maintenance service is ridding surfaces and materials of dirt and grime using soap and water. This is appropriate in all areas of your facility, as needed.

2. Sanitize

Once cleaning is complete, sanitization can commence. Specific bacteria can be irradicated in this way, using approved cleaning products. During this stage, you must read the cleaning product label in full and then follow the instructions regarding how long the cleaner should contact the surface to perform the best.

3. Disinfect

To disinfect gym equipment, bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and other moist areas, proper cleaning solutions must be used and applied correctly. The process of disinfection destroys microorganisms. These disease-causing microbes can lead to significant harm if left unchecked. Make sure you read the label or consult with a janitorial specialist if you are unsure, as there are different types of cleaners required for both hard and soft surfaces.

4. Sterilize

Sterilization removes all forms of life and is typically not required in a recreational facility setting. However, in some situations, steralization can be used for added peace of mind. For example, if someone becomes ill at your facility, you may choose to sterilize the area. Added measures and equipment are needed for this process, so there is usually a small additional fee.

Disinfecting Gym Showers

The showers in your fitness facility's locker room are some of the most heavily used items in the building. They are also usually some of the first and last things your clients will take note of when they decide if your facility meets their expectations.

Don't lose clients because of improper shower room upkeep. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty on disinfecting gym showers. We've got it down to a science. Fighting mold, mildew, and other types of fungus and bacteria doesn't have to be a battle. You can win the war if you follow these simple steps:

  • Use a high-level disinfectant that is EPA approved
  • Invest in high-quality cleaning equipment
  • Keep a regular gym shower cleaning schedule and stick to it
  • Disinfect all shower surfaces, including floors, walls, ceiling, doors, fixtures, and handles
  • Use a wet mop system and then allow the floor to air dry

Smart Gym Equipment Cleaners

The best gym equipment cleaners know that diligence is key. Even if your gym offers disinfectant wipes to patrons between each use, you will still need to employ professional-grade janitorial services at the end of each day to remain in compliance with local health and safety regulations.

All parts of gym exercise equipment must be cleaned. This process entails applying disinfectant with a wet cloth, allowing the disinfectant to do its job, and then using another cloth to dry wipe off any remaining cleaning solution and bacteria. We caution you against using too much cleaning agent or a vigorous scrub on electronic gym equipment. A light touch and a small amount of cleaner are needed to remove build-up from electronics.

How to Clean a Gym Floor

Don't shy away from making sure your gym floor is the cleanest it can be. Although this task will require daily execution, these are some of the tricks of the trade that will streamline the process and guarantee a level of deep clean your entire organization can be proud of:

  • Sweeping is the first step in ridding floors of any loose debris
  • If sweeping isn't your style, use a high-performing vacuum with lots of suction, but forgo the beater brush attachment as it could scratch flooring such as rubber
  • Find stains and spot treat them before disinfecting the entire flooring surface. Doing so will allow the disinfectant more time to lift tough stains out
  • Use a wet mop and a fresh bucket of floor cleaning solution to apply a thin layer of cleaner. Don't oversaturate the floor.
  • Allow floors to air dry completely for a streak-free shine

Top Recommendations for Cleaning Gym Locker Rooms

When you're cleaning a gym locker room, there are several types of surfaces to consider. Let's take a look at our gym locker room cleaning checklist:

  • Wipe down all surfaces with soap and water to remove dirt
  • Disinfect benches, chairs, and any other hard, flat surfaces in use in your locker room
  • Use disinfectant to wipe lockers down. Make sure you are wiping both the inside and the outside of each individual space
  • Follow our above floor disinfection guidelines for success in cleaning gym flooring of any type, especially in locker rooms, bathrooms, and shower areas
  • Disinfect bathroom stalls from top to bottom using EPA approved chemical cleaners
  • Disinfect mirrors, sinks, and countertops of any kind

Keeping your locker rooms and changing areas in top shape reflects your commitment to serving your clients better. If you have additional questions about how to stay on top of cleanliness in your fitness facility, reach out to our licensed technicians today.

Promote Excellent Hygiene

You've done your best to cultivate an atmosphere that suits the needs of each of your clients, but have you incorporated promoting excellent hygiene into your business model? There are many benefits to teaching your clientele the best practices for safely and hygienically using each piece of equipment on your premises. To find out more about how to do this, consult with the experts on our team today.