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Church Cleaning

Countless members of the congregation visit your church on a regular basis. You want your church ready to welcome them into a safe and inviting space. To maintain your church’s cleanliness, work with the church cleaners at Prestige Janitorial Services. We do everything from window washing and surface disinfectant services to floor cleaning and waste disposal. Church cleaning is our specialty, and we’re proud to serve local churches in maintaining their congregation’s health and comfort.

Pairing health-conscious cleaning services with the best customer service possible, we’re the cleaning team everyone looks to for assistance. Consider us your first choice for church cleaning services.

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Specializing in Church Cleaning Services

If you’re seeking the assistance of a professional cleaning team to care for your church, Prestige Janitorial Services wants to help. We have been providing customized maintenance services to religious institutions and other community organizations for many years, and we’re confident you’ll be pleased with what we have to offer.

Whether you’d like to hire our cleaners on a regular basis or on occasion, we’ll be happy to accommodate you, and we look forward to doing so.

Superior Church Cleaning Services

Do you want to see what your church looks like when it’s cleaned by true professionals? When you contact our team, you experience the ease and joy of a perfectly cleaned place of worship. Drawing on years of experience, relying on the finest equipment, and deploying the best methods, we make your sermon space as pristine as can be. Our approach makes all the difference.

Our church cleaning services include:

  • Window cleaning
  • Mopping and sweeping
  • Floor waxing and buffing
  • Dusting
  • Surface disinfectant and sanitization services
  • …and more

Cleaning in a Respectful Manner

A church is no ordinary building—it’s a community center, a place of worship, and a space for quiet reflection. We understand this better than any other commercial cleaning company in the region. Rest assured, we approach our duties in a respectful manner, ensuring we abide by the needs of your space and never interrupt or intrude on its essential functions.

For superior church cleaning services, reach our team at (972) 372-9071. We’ll be happy to give you a quote.

Customized Cleaning Care for Your Church

We welcome unique challenges and specific requests. We know that the churches and parishes in our community vary in countless ways. Some might have difficult-to-clean stone floors or delicate stained-glass windows, while others might look completely modern. What does your church look like? What does it require from us? Does the well-preserved flooring require special consideration? Whatever the considerations and whatever your demands, you can always count on us. We offer customized cleaning services at every turn.

Over the years, our team has learned that no two churches are the same. Every church is a unique size and shape and has different cleaning needs. Our team will take the time to assess your space during a walkthrough and determine what areas need to be cared for regularly. We will also discuss what you are hoping to get out of hiring a professional cleaning team and how often you want us to assist you.

Together, we will develop a custom cleaning service perfect for your space of worship.

To get started, book an on-site consultation today.

Choose from a Wide Variety of Church Janitorial Services

A lot of work goes into maintaining a church’s cleanliness. There are stairs to clean, pews to dust and disinfect, floors to mop, and so much more. Not every church requires us to deploy our full suite of services. Sometimes our clients only need us to mop their floors once a week or bring our floor buffing equipment as needed. At the end of the day, we do whatever’s necessary—all you have to do is ask us.

Our goal is to offer your congregation a safe and affordable way to ensure your place of worship stays in excellent condition. To do this, we offer a large selection of church janitorial services that we tailor to your goals, the specific needs of parishioners, and your facility.

During our initial consultation process, we leave no stone unturned in getting to know the full scope of your request for a healthy facility that is free of dirt, grime, and anything else that could cause illness or discomfort to those in attendance.

We offer these consultations at no risk on your behalf because we’d like you to feel confident and comfortable with welcoming our licensed technicians into your space. Feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure we can answer them all.

Some of our most requested church sanitizing services have included:

Church Carpet Cleaning

The carpets in your church endure a lot over the course of the week. After days of regular visits from community members, the carpets covering the floors can start to look a little unsightly—and there is always more dust hiding in the fibers than you think. That’s why investing in regular carpet cleaning services is so important. Our carpet cleaning services will keep the rugs and floors looking wonderful—and smelling fresh—throughout the year.

While carpeting has a nice way of making our religious spaces feel warm, welcoming, and like a home to all, it also has a habit of collecting allergens, dust mites, dirt, and other unwanted debris. When this happens, you could face the potential for poor air quality and a negative impact on the respiratory health of your church community.

That’s where our state-of-the-art church carpet cleaning comes in. When you entrust our professionals to clean your carpets, we make sure they’re fresh and looking their best by using tried and true techniques to remove stains, revive high traffic areas, and expel ground-in dirt forever.

Specialized equipment and up-to-date industry training means our pros waste no time. However, we are also cautious to respect your property and the importance of the space we have the honor of cleaning. This means we’ll move with great agility to avoid bumping into or denting wooden pews, pulpits, and pillars.

Carpet cleaning equipment is prone to making some noise during operation. Let’s discuss scheduling your church’s next carpet cleaning service outside of your regular worship hours and away from any special events or gatherings you may be planning to hold in your space.

Reach our vetted and well-trained technicians to book an appointment to consult with us whenever it suits your schedule best. Our team will tell you everything you need to know about our services, rates, availability, and more. We’re the professionals who answer questions thoroughly and honestly.

Cleaning Church Pews

From common colds to Covid-19, cleaning church pews frequently is a great way to prevent illness from spreading among the members of your congregation. In addition to this, it is also an inviting first impression to leave on guests who may be considering joining you for future services or becoming a part of your church family.

We select the best wood cleaner for church pews depending on which wood species your pews are made of. If pews or seating is constructed from alternative building materials, we’ll use specialized cleaning solutions tailored specifically to that material. Doing so prolongs the life of all types of furniture and offers protection from damage.

Sanitizing church pews to keep participants safe and in good health is easy when you have a dedicated church janitorial partner that puts your needs above the rest. Reach us today to explore affordable options designed to help your congregation grow and thrive.

Church Upholstery Cleaning

Do you have comfortable, padded seating in the children’s area or a new parent’s enclosure? It’s a wonderful way to include parishioners of all backgrounds and ages in your services, but these types of materials are well-known for trapping dust, pathogens, and other known hazards.

Keep furniture looking great for longer and, at the same time, keep the air within your building fresh when you consider making church upholstery cleaning a part of your regular maintenance routine. Tiny particles of dirt, crumbs, and more sinister molecules of virus and bacteria could be lingering within these materials and have the potential to impact the health of your most vulnerable populations, the young, sick, and elderly.

Prevent this from happening by discussing your goals with our certified experts. We’ll advise you on the best upholstery disinfection schedule to suit your purposes and offer competitive rates that won’t break the bank. Connect with us today for more details.

Church Window Cleaners

Whether your religious center has classic leaded windows or your facility follows a more modern style of architecture, you’ll need qualified window cleaners with plenty of experience keeping glass surfaces of all types clean and streak-free. Our church exterior-widow cleaners are pressure washing experts with a vast arsenal of solutions to incorporate into the best care for church glass.

In some cases, pressurized water is not fit for delicate windows. If this is true for your facility, we offer specialized hand-washing capabilities, much like our techniques to clean windows from the inside.

Sit down with us to discover affordable ways to keep glass sparkling on both sides of the pane.

Deep Cleaning Services for Churches

Our customizable deep cleaning services for churches and religious buildings make it easier than ever to keep your facility spotless. From Sunday school and children’s areas to sanctuary, church halls, kitchens, gathering spaces, bathrooms, and much more, our cleaning staff are the certified professionals you can trust to meet your highest expectations.

Religious and Church Cleaning Services: Our Prices Respect Your Budget

Customization and flexible contracts allow us to serve you better with some of the best religious and church cleaning services for your budget. From one-time visits to scheduled maintenance to a full suite of cleaning capabilities, we’re here to help keep your gathering spaces immaculate, so you can focus on doing the lord’s work.

Reach our janitorial professionals to learn more about our competitive rates

Benefits of a Professionals Disinfecting Churches

The members of your faith community may be keen to volunteer their time and energy to keep community spaces clean. Still, without professional training, some of the key elements of keeping any building healthy could be accidentally overlooked.

Here are the top benefits of selecting experts for help disinfecting churches:

  • We are licensed and insured technicians with up-to-date safety and industry training.
  • We use approved equipment and cleaning solutions that save you time and reduce expenses.
  • We put the unique needs of your facility and your goals first.

Prioritize Your Congregation with Regular Church Cleaning

Your church is your community space. It’s where your congregation gathers to learn, grow, and support one another. This place is sacred, and it should be cared for regularly. Besides, nobody wants to spend time in a dirty or unkempt space – and Prestige Janitorial Services can help yours stay in tip-top shape.

Keeping your church clean will work to ensure the ongoing health, safety, and satisfaction of your parishioners, young and old. Dust and mold build-up can significantly impact respiratory health, so don’t risk it.

Competitive Rates on Church Cleaning

Churches don’t always have the biggest budgets, and at Prestige Janitorial Services, we understand these circumstances. Still, churches deserve to be kept clean, and that’s why our experts are proud to offer some of the most competitive rates on church cleaning in the local area.

To get an estimate for your service, reach our janitorial staff directly by phone or email.

Regular Church Cleaning or One-Time Services

Whether you want our janitors to service your church twice a week, once a month or on a more occasional basis, we will prioritize your request and deliver you high-quality care. Many of our clients rely on us for all their cleaning, while others will hire our experts to assist before special events like weddings and funerals.

Whatever your church cleaning needs are, we’re here to help – so please let us know what kind of schedule works best!

Church Cleaning Services

Our church cleaning services include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Floor cleaning and waxing
  • Dusting
  • Pew disinfection
  • Bathroom sanitization
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Maintenance of nursery space, gathering areas, and more

If you are seeking a specific service that is not listed above, please let our experts know. We’ll do what we can to accommodate you!

Reach Our Church Cleaners Directly

A church is more than a religious institution - it is also a place to gather and celebrate with our community. With regular traffic, it’s important to keep these spaces clean and sanitized to ensure the ongoing health and safety of parishioners.

If you are looking to hire a professional cleaning team to manage the cleaning of your church, Prestige Janitorial Services is the name to know. We have been helping various community organizations and businesses maintain their properties for years, and we would be happy to discuss your needs and develop a custom strategy.

To get started on church cleaning, we invite you to contact us at (972) 372-9071.

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Get a Quote for Church Cleaning

The total cost of your cleaning service will depend on the size of the church and the areas you’d like us to focus on. If you would like to receive a detailed cost estimate, please contact our experts today. We will schedule an on-site consultation at your earliest convenience.

During the consultation, our experts will survey the size of your worship space and discuss the areas you are most concerned about. Most of our church cleaning services focus on disinfecting pews, door handles, bathroom spaces, community rooms, and all areas that are utilized heavily by churchgoers. Our team can use our discretion when providing you a service, or we can follow specific instructions – whatever best suits your needs.

Once we understand the size of the service area and how long it will take us to complete the clean, we can let you know just how much the job will cost you per session.

Church Cleaning on Your Schedule

Most churches don’t only welcome the community on Sunday mornings. Church spaces often offer their space to clubs, teams, and events throughout the week. We know that the schedule of a church is ever-changing, and we are more than happy to accommodate these changes as they occur. We can schedule regular cleaning throughout the week or approach each new week differently. Our ultimate goal is to provide your parish with the care it needs without disrupting the flow of weekly events.

Understanding the Importance of Church Cleaning

Your church may not accumulate a lot of mess throughout the week, but just because the space isn’t messy doesn’t mean it doesn’t need cleaning. Germs, allergens, and viruses that can affect your congregation are invisible and need to be routinely eliminated to ensure your community's safety.

Keeping your space orderly will also help your parishioners appreciate and enjoy your service more, improving the overall experience of worship and encouraging new parishioners in the door.

Church Cleaning – Your Way

We understand that churches may not be the place for highly perfumed cleaning products and harsh chemicals. If you would like your space sanitized with more organic products or products that are allergy-sensitive, we’re happy to accommodate you.

Our team is also more than happy to use specific cleaning techniques and approaches upon your request.

Contact Our Church Cleaners

Churches are places of worship, but they are also spaces for friends and neighbors to gather. Important community fixtures such as these should be cleaned on a regular basis, and they should be cleaned by professionals who understand the significance of churches. For incredible service courtesy of respectful professionals, you can always call Prestige Janitorial Services.

From floor cleaning services to window cleaning and everything in between, you can count on our custodians to clean your chapel while preserving the integrity of the space.

Would you like to learn more about our cleaning services? If so, contact us at (972) 372-9071 today.

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20 Years of Cleaning Success

For over 20 years, our tight-knit team of cleaners has worked wonders for the people in our community. During this time, we have mastered the art of tending to churches with ease, patience, and care. We know how to properly clean stain-glass, church pews, and the rich hardwood floors of churches without compromising their integrity.

Local church congregations and their pastoral and leadership teams turn to us when they need to outsource their building's cleaning tasks. We consistently perform diligent, timely, and cost-effective work which is why our name is well-known around town. Our staff keenly understands the importance of protecting these sacred spaces. We clean sanctuaries with great respect and care. In addition to main sanctuaries, we also have experience cleaning:

  • Nursery spaces
  • Youth wings
  • Gathering spaces
  • Kitchens
  • Administration spaces
  • And more

With our janitorial crew on staff, your church will be a safe, hygienic environment from Sunday morning services to weeknight social gatherings.

Flexible Scheduling for You

We recognize that your church building is a hub of activity. Many local churches are open daily and run a busy schedule full of worship, social, and charitable events. Your church building needs a cleaning company who can keep up with the regular traffic and use your church sees week after week and year after year. That's us. We offer flexible scheduling options so that upon entering your doors, everyone is greeted with a clean, fresh interior.

We’ve also learned how to not only address our clients' needs but also to anticipate them. We are able to clean on a nightly, weekly, or bi-weekly basis, and everything in between. Our flexible scheduling options ensure that you’ll get nothing less than the service you need.

Church-Friendly Cleaning Products

We know how to clean churches without damaging finishes and veneers. Many of the local churches we serve are beautiful, historic buildings crafted with genuine wood and stunning stone. Such an architectural piece of craftsmanship deserves an appropriately thoughtful cleaning program. That’s what we offer.

We succeed in cleaning your facilities properly by using only the finest cleaning products available. We make sure only to use the products we’ve personally tested.Not only do our premium cleaning agents rid surfaces of dirt and grime, but they protect the underlying materials to increase overall longevity. Our meticulous approach ensures that you get nothing less than shiny and germ-free surfaces—that will stay beautiful, longer.

Are you eager to bring out the very best in your church? The respectful and accommodating cleaners at Prestige Janitorial Services can help you. Simply contact us at your convenience.

Trust the Top-Notch Janitors

We understand the importance of trust. When you request the expertise of a service provider, you want to make sure they’re trustworthy. That is why we go to great lengths to establish trust at the very outset by offering up-front quotes, honest answers to your questions, and more.

If your church or place of worship needs cleaning, put your trust in a company that is experienced in providing top-notch janitorial work. Put your trust in Prestige Janitorial Services.

We are proud to offer a wide range of specialized services to keep your church looking immaculate. Our professional cleaners are experts at providing top-notch cleaning that will leave your church spotless. We offer a comprehensive selection of janitorial services specifically designed to disinfect your church without damaging your cherished structure.

Attention to Detail

We treat your building with respect and attention to detail, so you can always count on us to provide top-notch commercial cleaning.

By the way, our cleaning methods are just one aspect of our work that receives attention to detail. We’re also extremely attentive to our clients and strive to deliver a level of hospitality unmatched in our field. We like to get to know our customers on a first-name basis because you’re so much more than an appointment on our calendar to us. As a valued client of ours, we’ll take the time to learn how to serve you according to your preferences.

Call us today at (972) 372-9071 for more information and to book our professional services.

Church Cleaning Company in Plano and surrounding areas

Churches provide the people of Plano and surrounding areas a place in which to worship, practice their faith, and build a relationship with God. When it comes to church cleaning services, you need a company that holds your church in the same regard as you do. At Prestige Janitorial Services, we have provided religious facilities in and around Plano and surrounding areas with professional cleaning services for many years. We know how important it is that you welcome your members with a clean and sanitized space, and we will employ the best of our abilities to make sure your church setting looks immaculate. When you team up with us, our day isn't done until you are completely satisfied with our work. Currently, more than 50 churches in the Plano and surrounding areas area rely on us for our cleaning services!

As a client of ours, you can expect:

  • Personalized cleaning services
  • Friendly, courteous staff
  • Prompt service
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Eco-friendly solutions
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

There's no specialty cleaning task we aren't equipped to handle with professionalism, skill, speed, and enthusiasm. Our services are all-around satisfactory, and we can't wait to show you firsthand.

Accurate Quotes on Excellent Church Cleaning

There is nothing better than knowing exactly how much a service costs. When you have an accurate service quote, you can make all the financial preparations to move forward confidently. At Prestige Janitorial Services, we are always willing to offer up-front quotes for you and your congregation.

When you call our cleaning business, it will be quite obvious that we place the utmost importance on client satisfaction. Our professional and attentive staff will address all your questions and concerns and help you make an informed decision about hiring our cleaning company. Our experience and expertise will also allow us to give you accurate and dependable quotes. And we are committed to providing a meticulous church cleaning service at honest and affordable rates.

Did we mention these estimates are 100% obligation-free? We encourage our customers to shop around—we know our value-packed cleaning programs speak for themselves.

On-site Evaluations

We pride ourselves on our thorough nature. In order to determine your cleaning quote, we need to familiarize ourselves with your church. The more we know, the more accurate your quote will be.

At your request, we'll send a professional on-site to tour through your building with you to create a truly personalized cleaning program. Point out to us neglected rooms and tasks, and we'll put those on our priority to-do list. Show us high-traffic areas, and we'll mark them down to be frequently maintained. Room by room, we'll collaborate with you to develop a customized checklist. If you like, we'll explain how we approach certain jobs and show you the different cleaning products in our toolbox. No concern is too big or small. We want to do our part to make your consultation as informative as possible.

Once we've mapped out a plan of cleaning, we'll put together a cost estimate for your budgeting consideration. In this contract, you'll see all our material and labor fees itemized clearly.

Transparency from the start—that's what sets our custodians apart. Book your on-site, complimentary consultation with us now by giving us a call.

Church Cleaning Services

Churches bring our community together. That means tons of people come to your religious facility every week. The single best way to avoid the spread of illness among churchgoers is by implementing a routine cleaning maintenance program. A clean and sanitized environment ensures that your members are kept happy and healthy. At Prestige Janitorial Services, we can evaluate your facility, and design a maintenance program tailored to your needs and preferences. Our church cleaning services, include:

  • Pew sanitation
  • Floor maintenance
  • Children's area cleaning
  • Stained glass window cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Woodwork
  • Dusting
  • More!

In our experience, every church is unique, so we come prepared to tackle unique cleaning challenges. If you have a special cleaning request, don’t hesitate to send it our way. From carefully dusting old photographs to diligently polishing candle holders, every request is one we’re glad to accept.

To discover all that we can do for you, don't hesitate to contact us today. We'll be happy to schedule you in for a no-obligation consultation, where we can give you a better idea of our services and experience.

Fantastic Stained-Glass Window Cleaning

At Prestige Janitorial Services, we understand that cleaning your church is different than the typical commercial cleaning job. That is why we are proud to have an expert staff highly trained and knowledgeable in cleaning your unique property. We will make your stained-glass windows shine without damaging their gorgeous framework. Keep your sanctuary radiant and let the light in with our thorough and diligent window cleaning.

Cleaning stained glass windows is an altogether different process from cleaning regular windows. Stained glass requires a gentle, non-toxic, and alcohol- and ammonia-free cleaner and a thorough drying process to stay clean and clear. Otherwise, the panes may discolor and the solder may disintegrate. Our janitorial staff is extensively trained in how to inspect, handle, and treat stained glass to protect its structural and aesthetic integrity.

Environmentally Friendly Church Cleaning

One thing that distinguishes us as the smart choice to keep your church tidy and presentable is our commitment to using green cleaning options to service your building. We keep your church clean and sanitary without the use of any harmful chemicals.

When it comes to the products and methods we use to do our jobs, we try to be selective. When we’re cleaning your church or chapel, we pledge to use the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable cleaning products available today.

We take pride in using eco-friendly and sustainable products that are still highly effective at cleaning your church. We refrain from using toxic chemicals that could damage surfaces, harm the environment, or hamper your indoor air quality. Instead, we use green treatments that are safe and effective, ensuring all your premises are clean with no risk to you or the environment. Keep your congregation comfortable and safe by creating a hygienic and elegant place for prayer. Choose Prestige Janitorial Services for all your cleaning needs.

Rest assured, we’re completely transparent with our customers about the products we use. We’ll gladly show you each spray, wax, and polish in our product line. If you’d rather we substitute our cleaners for your own, that’s no issue on our end. Simply tell us your request during your consultation and we’ll be glad to make the switch.

24-Hour Church Cleaning

At Prestige Janitorial Services, we aim to provide the most complete and convenient commercial cleaning service in the area. This is why we are happy to offer our services 24-hours a day, so we can work around your schedule to provide our professional cleaning service. Day or night, our skilled team will leave your church gleaming.

Scheduled Church Cleaning Service

There's no better way to maintain the cleanliness of your church than with a routine cleaning schedule. We offer a range of packages that can be customized to suit the needs of your facility. Scheduled cleaning is perfect for building managers that need to keep up with spaces that are used regularly by youth groups, community events, local craft fairs, and more.

Our cleaning packages can be customized to include:

  • Daily cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Bi-weekly cleaning
  • Monthly cleaning
  • Deep cleaning

Our team is even able to cater to our clients with multiple visits a day. We recognize that many churches offer multiple services and require cleaning and sanitation services in between assemblies. When time is of the essence, you can depend on us to be there. We offer flexible scheduling tailored to suit your needs and wants. With round-the-clock support and personalized service solutions, Prestige Janitorial Services has led the way in church janitorial services. Countless ministers have already come to depend on us and our exceptional work. Now, you can too.

Call us today to get a quote that suits your budget.

Spotless Church Cleaning Services

We treat every job we take as an opportunity to demonstrate our great work and create another satisfied customer. Whenever you hire us to clean your church, you can rest assured that you will get a professional cleaning from top to bottom. Having cleaned a great number of churches and other buildings throughout our time in business, we know exactly what goes into a successful job. We adhere to a strict checklist and have in-depth knowledge of how to clean the various fixtures in the typical church. No matter if it is our first or hundredth time cleaning your church, you can always count on us to put in the work required to leave your sanctuary spotless and sanitary.

Customized Janitorial Services

Between traditional and modern structures, there can be quite a lot of variation among churches. For this reason, we make sure to carefully assess the task at hand and make sure we tailor our cleaning to meet the needs of your property. If you have any special requests for how we approach your job, just let us know, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

We always make sure that the products, techniques, and equipment we use are appropriate for the surfaces and fixtures in your place of worship. When you hire Prestige Janitorial Services, you never have to worry about any damage or inconsistent work, because we always give your church the care and attention it deserves.

Church Cleaning Company with a History of Satisfaction

Your place of worship is in good hands when you contact Prestige Janitorial Services. Not only have we completed an impressive number of church cleaning jobs over the years, but we have also had the pleasure of receiving a wealth of positive testimonials. We have put a lot of effort into developing our church cleaning process throughout our time in business, and you can benefit from our hard work when you hire us to sanitize your building.

Perhaps the only thing that matches our commitment to quality cleans is our commitment to quality client care. We're a crew that pays attention to the little things. It's these small details—a warm greeting, a remembered name—that distinguished us from the rest.

Visit our testimonials page to read some of the amazing things our clients have to say about our church cleaning.

Your Church Is Safe with Our Cleaning Crew

When it comes to our commercial cleaning services, our team always works attentively to ensure we are taking the correct approach. Especially when it comes to a building as cherished as a place of worship, we understand how important it is to provide our meticulous cleaning services without harming the building. Our team will never rush into any work, and you can count on us to leave your church looking flawless while preserving its beauty and historical significance.

We remain diligent and respectful while carrying out our work. Taking every precaution necessary, we ensure we do the job with the utmost concern for safety and efficiency. We leave ample signage so people can avoid wet surfaces, and we wait to clean high-traffic areas until it's safe to do so. Rest assured: With us, you and your congregation are in safe hands. They're in the hands of the best in the church cleaning business.

Fully Equipped Church Cleaners

Once we have a feel for your building and the services you need, you can rest assured that we will always arrive with everything we need to get the job done right. Everything from the number of cleaners to the supplies that we bring will be carefully considered to guarantee top-notch results every time.

To consistently achieve the high level of cleanliness and sanitation that has become our hallmark, we've spared no expense to equip our church cleaners with the latest machinery and tools on the market. As a company, we've heavily invested in our fleet of:

  • Floor buffers
  • Carpet extractors
  • Rotary sweepers
  • Pressure washers
  • HEPA vacuums
  • And more

Plus, we're continually researching new products to ensure we're always on the cusp of emerging and innovative cleaning techniques. For your safety and ours, all our custodial staff is extensively and regularly trained to operate machinery listed above in adherence to manufacturer instructions.

Deep Cleaning for Churches

Over the course of the year, dirt can accumulate in surprising places. That's why it's recommended that at least once a year, you do a deep clean. We will get at all those areas of your facility that, while they may be used infrequently, nonetheless require a good clean.

From dust to mildew, our experienced janitorial professionals will eliminate every trace of dirt. Because the size and extent of the cleaning varies from church to church, our prices may vary. Give us a call to get an accurate quote on deep cleaning.

Church Floor Cleaning, Stripping, and Waxing Services

Over time, the flooring in your church may lose its shine and finish. To restore it and give it a new life, you need floor stripping and waxing services from Prestige Janitorial Services.

We will remove ingrained dirt, scratches, and stains, using our state-of-the-art floor stripping machines. Then we'll apply a commercial-grade wax and buff it, to give your floor the top-class finish it had when it was first installed.

This service is especially important for churches that regularly host weddings, concerts, and other community events. With freshly waxed floors, you'll be able to bring in more bookings all year round.

Ceiling Cleaning Services for Churches

Does your church have especially tall ceilings? Are you frustrated by cleaning companies that don't bother with hard-to-reach places? Well, you're in the right place because that happens to be one of our specialties.

Using scaffolding and other technologies, our certified cleaners will clean those areas that other companies ignore. We will eliminate dust, cobwebs, and other detritus that accumulates on beams, ledges, and windows high above the ground.

Moreover, we take the safety of our employees extremely seriously. Not only are we licensed and insured, but everyone on the team undergoes rigorous safety training. We take an active preventative approach that eliminates problems before they arise.

Call us now to get a quote on church ceiling cleaning.

Art, Statue, and Decorative Installation Cleaning

For those churches with beautiful statues and other art installations, we offer a specialized cleaning service. Prioritizing detail and preservation, our cleaners will meticulously clean, wash, and dust the delicate installations in your devotional space. We take the time to ensure that nothing is damaged along the way.

Let your congregation enjoy devotional art objects the way they were intended. Not covered in dust and grime but illuminated with light and power!

Professional Church Cleaners at Affordable Rates

Not only do we provide a thorough and diligent cleaning service, but we also do it at a price that won't break the bank. We've been able to cut our costs by employing the most experienced and efficient cleaners. Our staff, combined with our premium products and proven cleaning methods, will get the job done faster than ever without skipping any corners. We offer honest pricing for our professional work, and our no-obligation quotes mean that you can guarantee you are getting the best price possible.

How do we deliver a better service at a lesser cost? Over time, we've streamlined our work process to drive down costs, save money, and minimize downtime. We rely on lean business principles to keep a low overhead, and we pass those savings directly onto our clients. Saving you time, money, and stress: It's all in day's worth of work for the team at Prestige Janitorial Services.

Church Cleaning Services with Over 20 Years of Experience

Having been in business for quite some time now, it's safe to say we're doing something right. We started with a dedication to providing top-notch janitorial services to the local area, and our skills have only improved with time. We have honed our craft and expanded our services to allow us to clean your church fully. With a great number of flawless cleaning jobs under our belts, you can trust us to provide the specialized service you need for a clean and sanitary place of worship.

Fully Certified Professional Cleaners

As part of our continued dedication to providing the best service possible, we are proud to be a fully licensed cleaning company and OSHA certified. This should give you some extra confidence in our ability to deliver on our promises. Our entire crew has received thorough training and has received a background check to verify that they are a credible and trustworthy source to service your place of worship.

Quick Turnarounds on Church Janitorial Cleaning

We pride ourselves on providing efficient and reliable cleaning services for churches. This doesn't mean we will take shortcuts, but rather that we work diligently and intelligently to get our work done in a respectable time frame. We don't want to intrude on your daily schedule for a lengthy period, which is why we have developed a systematic approach that allows us to provide our clients with a deep clean in record time.

Complete Sanitization for Your Church

With so many people entering and exiting your place of worship on a regular basis, it's important to maintain a safe and sanitary environment. We are fully equipped to give your church a thorough cleaning that will leave it germ-free and let you carry out your worship without concern.

Our disinfection services are in a league of their own. We utilize EPA-approved disinfecting agents that are tested and proven to eliminate 99% of viruses and bacteria. We carefully administer these products according to the label to ensure adequate dilution and sufficient surface contact time. That way, you can rest easy knowing all high-touch areas in your church are hygienic, and your congregation is optimally protected.

Contact one of our customer service specialists, and we will be happy to tell you more about our sanitization services.

Only the Best Cleaning Products for Your Church

Here at Prestige Janitorial Services, we understand the importance of preserving the historical significance and beauty of your church. For this reason, we are committed to using top of the line products to clean your building. Our high-quality supplies are guaranteed to provide you with the deep and sanitary clean you are looking for without harming any aspect of your church whatsoever. We are equipped to clean a variety of surfaces that are commonly found in places of worship and make sure that we always use the right product for the area we are working on.

That's not all. We believe that you deserve to have a say in the products we use. Before we begin, we'll show you our product list and explain why they merit our recommendation. If you would rather we use a different product, your preference is our command. We'll swap out our traditional cleaning agents for your choice in a flash.

Fully Insured and Bonded Cleaning Company

If you are still not convinced that we are the most qualified team to clean your church, let us go even further. Not only do we have an extremely solid track record of great work, but we are also completely insured and bonded in the rare case of an unforeseen issue. This means you can rest assured that you will get the janitorial work you need to keep your property looking immaculate without putting it at risk.

You'll Love Our Church Janitorial Services

We Guarantee It

We know we are the local area's best bet for church janitorial services. Our staff is professional, our prices affordable, and our services second to none. We've helped many ministers reflect the spirit of their faith in the cleanliness of their churches. Now, we want to help you do the same. Risk-free.

That's why we're proud to offer our services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We're just that confident that you'll be pleased with the quality of our work and the friendliness of our staff. If somehow, we overlook something, rest assured that you need only tell us about it, and we'll get right to work to set things straight. We're confident that won't be necessary. After all, we've managed to satisfy countless clients before you, and we know our services will satisfy you too. We just figure we ought to give you that extra peace of mind anyway. So that you can rest easy knowing you've chosen right, and you can feel confident that you've chosen the very best in the business.

Why wait? Contact us to get started today. We promise you won't regret it. In fact, we guarantee it.

Superior Church Cleaning with Prestige Janitorial Services

When you team up Prestige Janitorial Services, you are partnering with a team that is committed to providing you with the best service at the best rates. And with over 20 years in business, we have become the trusted local source for superior church cleaning because of our outstanding customer service and thorough cleaning.

If you are in Plano and surrounding areas or the surrounding area and interested in learning more about our church cleaning services, we invite you to give us a call. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and provide you with a quote. We look forward to enhancing the look and feel of your already beautiful church! Call us today at (972) 372-9071 to learn more about our outstanding service.