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I just want to take the time to let Prestige Janitorial know that we are happy with the service that Jimmy has been doing with the cleaning of our building. We had several issues that needed to be taken care of prior to him coming to our office. Upon his arrival he jumped right in and knew the areas that were critical and immediately took care of those concerns.

I have been working with Archer Western for 20 years and never have I seen or worked with a janitorial service that takes so much pride in their work like Jimmy has. He is dedicated to his work and expresses concern to the customer that his work is done to the customers satisfaction.

I have received a few emails from fellow employees who have stated they have noticed a change in the cleanliness of our building as well.

It was a load for me trying to maintain my accounting and office managing but with Jimmy here that burden has been lifted and I can know go home knowing he has it under control.

I look forward to working with him. You have a great employee.

Angie Chavez

Office Manager /

Project Accountant

Archer Western Construction

1411 Greenway Drive

Irving, TX 75038