Porter Services In Dallas

Porters are the unsung heroes of commercial properties in the Dallas area. They are the ones responsible for making sure that your business is clean so that employees and clients alike feel comfortable in a clean, hygienic and professional environment. If your commercial facility in the Dallas area has been suffering from a bad reputation of always being in a state of disrepair, then it’s probably time you invest in Prestige Janitorial Services’ porter services.

Since 2003, Prestige Janitorial Services has been proud to help Dallas businesses clean up their images by providing porter services known for attention to detail and affordability.

Appearances matter, especially in business. If your commercial facility is cluttered, dirty or unhygienic, there is no telling what opportunities you have missed out on.

When you see the difference Prestige Janitorial Services’ professional porters make when they are minding the cleanliness of your facility, you’ll be kicking yourself for not calling us sooner. For a free, no obligation quote on Dallas’s top-rated porter services, call (972) 372-9071 today.

What’s Included in our Porter Services

One of the reasons Prestige Janitorial Services’ porters are so popular with businesses all over the Dallas area is because we offer a wide range of services that can include:

  • Cleaning, picking up of trash, disinfecting when necessary
  • Removal of litter from workers, visitors and clients that use the facility
  • Cleaning and maintenance of restrooms
  • Dusting, cleaning up of spills
  • Window washing

Ultimately, every business is different. As a result, their priorities for what needs to be done to look as presentable as possible are unique. When you choose to work with our porters, they will work with you to create a cleaning and maintenance program tailored to your business’s unique needs. When you call (972) 372-9071 to request a free quote, just give us an idea of the specific tasks you would like our porters to complete on a regular basis and we’ll adjust our quote accordingly.

Why Prestige Janitorial Services’ Porters are the Best Dallas has to Offer

There is no shortage of commercial cleaning companies in the Dallas area, so it’s totally fair to ask what makes our porters so special. The short answer is that our porters take pride in their work. As a family-owned and operated business, Prestige Janitorial Services has a low turnover rate, which is uncommon for the professional cleaning industry. But we are able to retain our employees for a long time because we treat our employees as if they are members of the family.

When you empower your employees to take pride in what they do, you can expect a high level of service. They know their performance can be measured tangibly, which is why they are known for taking extra special care of the properties they are assigned.

For more information about the training our porters undergo, give us a call today.

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