What separates a day porter from a janitor is that whereas a janitor is a deep-cleaning specialist, a day porter is a jack-of-all-trades. For many businesses, this makes them an integral part of any workforce. The simplest way to describe their work is that they assist with the operations of a facility - and perform duties as varied as that job description implies. They're always helpful to have on hand for any unforeseen issues which can arise.

Below, we'll look at many ways in which you can take full advantage of a porter service.

A Day Porter Is Always on Hand

Unlike a janitorial team, a porter is always onsite during operational hours. They typically enter the facility after hours and perform their work alone. Since they're always on hand, they often address multiple tasks, which allow operations to run smoothly.

Before delving into the variety of services they can provide, just rest assured that if the task is in favor of ensuring your business stays clean and presentable, a porter can handle it.

Day Porters for a Fast Response

Although a porter isn't necessarily responsible for deep cleaning, a porter will arrive on the scene and handle anything that arises- a spill or any other kind of emergency. Their constant presence is what makes them a valuable asset to any business, and you won't have to wait for the nightly janitor crew to arrive.

Porter Services Maintain Functionality

Sometimes, a porter is tasked with minor forms of maintenance. If a clock needs its batteries changed or a light bulb burns out, you can count on a porter to take care of it. Whether it's dusting light fixtures or breaking down delivery boxes, they'll make sure it gets done. The generalist nature of their work often makes them the unseen heroes of the workplace.

A Day Porter Helps you Meet Health Regulations

Now more than ever, proper adherence to health regulations will ensure that a business remains open, whether it's an office, a school, or an enterprise. Meeting these health codes is crucial to staying open, and a porter service can help you stay on top of them. Their constant upkeep of your facility will ensure that your business stays up to code.

Day Porters Manage and Clean High Traffic Areas

One of the most important responsibilities a porter can have is touch-and-point cleaning. Touch-and-point cleaning is a simple cleaning method to reduce the spread of illness from high-traffic areas through constant and thorough cleaning passes. This service remains vital to many businesses and ensures that viral outbreaks don't occur during day-to-day activities.

For an idea of the areas a porter can clean, a few are:

  • Entrances
  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Telephones
  • Elevator surfaces
  • Desks and counters
  • Waiting room and foyer surfaces
  • Restroom sinks, faucets, and hand dryers
  • Break rooms

Regular touch and point cleaning keeps infections at a minimum and is crucial to maintaining the health of your staff and visitors.

Porter Services Keep a Space Looking its Best

Oftentimes, the day-to-day shine of a business or facility is thanks to the hard work of a porter. Whether the space is a health care facility or an office, a porter will allow you to put your best foot forward for your clients and employees.

Their cleaning can even extend as far as the parking lot, where they will work to remove litter and debris from entrances or walkways. If you have VIP visitors, a porter can ensure that the conference room is clean and operational.

There are numerous ways in which a porter can maintain your business' standards of presentation, such as:

  • Power washing walls
  • Cleaning washrooms
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning common areas

As people come and go, a porter can make all the difference in maintaining a facility's cleanliness.

A Porter Can Keep Your Clients Coming Back

If you have a client-facing business, ensuring that your space looks clean and accommodating is a top priority. No matter how good the product is, if a business seems unmaintained and unwelcoming, it can be difficult to keep clients coming back.

Aside from keeping your windows shining and your surfaces clean, a porter can make sure burnt lightbulbs or dusty decorations don't spoil your business presentation.

A Porter Becomes Familiar with Your Employee's Needs

When a porter is friendly and hardworking, they're always appreciated by staff. Employees recognize that a porter is as important to the daily functions as any other staff member. Employees often rely on a porter to restock items in the break room or supplies. In time, a porter gets to know the rhythm of the company, and they'll be able to address a staff's needs before they know they need anything.

A Porter Can Improve Productivity

When staff is well-tended to and has everything they need, they'll be happier. Happier employees tend to work harder, and research shows that productivity improves in a clean and uncluttered environment. Depending on where they work, a porter might even be asked by an employee to help them clear their desk so they can focus on their work.

A Porter Is Flexible

Most importantly of all, a porter's major utility comes from their flexibility. You can consider them the Swiss-Army knife of the staff. They don't just have to work from a preconceived list. Whatever you need a porter to do, they'll handle it. Whether they have a set task list for the month, the week or even just the day, they'll have the breadth of skills to deal with it swiftly and effectively.

Ask Prestige Janitorial Services About Our Day Porter Service

As you can see, a porter is invaluable to any company or facility, and they'll make sure your space is looking clean and up to code and runs like clockwork. If you'd like to learn more, Prestige Janitorial Services is an affordable, quality cleaning company that dedicates a whole department to the field. Speak with our staff today about the service of an experienced and qualified porter for your space.